Click Family Stage

10 – 10:45am Anzanga Marimba
Anzanga is a Seattle-based ensemble that plays electrifying, energizing music with 8 marimbas. Anzanga, which means “to our friends” draws its name and music from the rich cultural heritage of Africa.

11 – 11:45am Angel Ocasio, comedian / physical comedy
Angel Ocasio has made a name for himself over the past 30 years as a top physical comedian and clown, adored by kids of all ages.

12 – 12:45pm Adria the juggler & Dance Ensemble
Adria the Juggler is a world famous knife juggler who brings the fun of juggling and laughter to you with her audience interactive comedy juggling. Ever seen a rubber chicken juggled? How about plungers? In addition to knives and chickens,  Adria will be juggling clubs, juggling Rings, Chinese yo-yo’s, Razor Sharp Toilet Plungers of Mass De-suck-tion, axes and knives! Adria will be performing throughout the day.

1 – 1:45pm Pigsnout
Rock out with Tacoma’s own family rock band.

2 – 2:45pm Matt Baker, juggler
Matt Baker’s unique combination of stand-up comedy with amazing stunts is hip, energetic, and includes tons of audience participation. / (promo video)

3 – 3:45pm Y Dance Company

The Y Dance Company consists of 31 dancers ages 8-18 who have been selected from the Morgan Family YMCA’s Dance Program to share their love of dance with the community. At the Y we firmly believe in the importance of the Arts in developing healthy minds, spirits, and bodies for all.

4 – 4:45pm D S Lion Dance Team
The Duoc Su Lion Dance Team aims to educate younger generations about the ancient Chinese tradition of lion dance.