Juried Art Show Winners 2016

And the WINNER’s of this year’s Juried Art Show are:

People’s Choice
1st Cheryl Gunderson “Netting on the Puyallup”
2nd Susan Strom “The Burb”
3rd Janette Stiles “Photo Booth Horses”

Acrylic & Oil
1st Susan Strohm “The Burb”
2nd Doreen Koch Allen “A Dreamers Garden”
3rd Margie Sheeley “Early Morning Sun”
Honorable Mention: Dave Miner “Island Chief”

1st Andrea Erickson “In the Silence”
2nd Liz McDevitt “Summer Respit”
3rd Loni L. Stoelting-LaQuill “The Crossing”
Honorable Mention: Tori Bell “Strawberry Tangle”
Honorable Mention: Mary Schossow Schumacher “Dew Drops”

1st Joseph Reder “Glass”
2nd David Hollenback “Sunrise Over Williamette Valley”
3rd William Harris “At the Pier”
Honorable Mention Carla Gramlich “Building Inpression”
Honorable Mention Liz Leines “Spalted-Landscape of a Driftlog 1”

Mixed Media
1st Chris Parent “Pipe Dream”
2nd Karen Marie Petrillose “Sunrise, Sunset”
3rd Janette Stiles “Aunt Ruthie”
Honorable Mention Joanne Weaver “Crow on a Log”

1st Cheryl C. Gunderson “Netting on the Puyallup”
2nd Elaine Vogt “Storm Surge”
no 3rd

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